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Hey guys, its been a while hasn't it. :)
This isn't going to be anything fancy, just some group updates. Probably be a thing I'll do once in a while.

1) 350 Members!
Thank you all! Not only do we have 416 watchers, we have 350 members. This makes me so happy, seeing the group come so far. This wasn't possible without all the other admin and all of you!

2) Upcoming Contest?
The idea of a contest is going around. We were thinking of the idea of Post-Apocalyptic Worlds, since that was the runner-up when we were discussing categories for our last contest. (See: Voting Time, what's our next contest?)The contest will not be officially discussed until July 8, when all of us admin are free. Until then, what do you think about the topic? Do you have any other ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

Those are all of the updates as of now I believe. If I missed something, please send me a note or leave a comment telling me, I will make sure that update is broadcasted. Star this journal, comment, and make sure to become a member of Flying-Islands-Here. Please tell us your thoughts! Hope you made it to the end, and I wish you a good day (or night).

Always look up,

Other Admin:
Co-Founder- RetSamys :iconretsamys:
Co-Founder- Jakeukalane :iconjakeukalane:

Management Positions are currently available! IF you are interested, please send us a group note. :D
Welcome to the third issue of Floating News in which I inform you about new or even upcoming content with our favourite trope: floating islands, flying rocks, hovering cities and more levitating platforms.


Everyone knows that there are flying islands in World of Warcraft. But when I saw the trailer for the motion picture of the franchise before the new Star Wars movie, I noticed something that might just pull me into the theatre:

Hello beautiful!

I'm not a gamer or a fan of the franchise, but for me, the trailer makes it look like a reasonable production:

Head over Heels

The Academy Awards are about to happen again and this is when I re-visit my favourite category: Best Animated Short Film. In 2012, some great entries lost against Paperman (to be fair, Paperman is amazing!), one of them being Head over Heels, a stop motion short.

In this sweet animation, a couple lives in the same house, upside-down to each other. One ignores the other until one of them decides to change that - which brings the flying house into trouble.

Watch the whole video here:

Do you know some new or upcoming stuff for Floating News? I'd love to check it out! Tell me in the comments below. Of course, if you would like to write something yourself, old or new, please do!

Don't look down.

Thank you to everyone who entered. Unfortunately, us admin are behind schedule, and November has become a very busy month. We will most likely get a chance to choose the winner in about two weeks, when we are on Thanksgiving Break. We thank you for your patience. We will keep you posted!

Always look ahead,
CheeseyPotatoPie :iconcheeseypotatopie:

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